About Me

Diane Eichler Artist/Designer

My Story

Finding your passion means discovering what makes you truly happy, the thing that blurs the line between work and play. I am so fortunate to be making a living doing what I love!

I am best known for my happy little characters and fun colorful patterns, specializing in the juvenile products market. I also design for a variety of products including giftware, ceramics, stationery & paper, fabric, rugs, and basically anything decorative! I primarily work in watercolor, acrylics, and digital art with a hand-drawn feel. I love combining colors, patterns, character art and typography to come up with fresh ideas for my designs.

After earning my degree in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati, I began my career working for a juvenile products manufacturer where I spent several years designing diaper bags, bedding, and accessories. As my family grew and I became a Mom, I realized that I wanted to fill my days spending time with my kids and also helping clients make their products beautiful. I decided to open my own design studio and I continue to follow my passion every day, balancing my freelance and licensing business with spending quality time with my family!